Turning Words into Action

| Bruce Freed and Karl Sandstrom, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation

Letter to the Editor: Corporate Campaign Funds

| Bruce Freed, The New York Times

BlackRock Wants to Contribute to Society. Why Not Tackle Secret Money?

| Bruce Freed and Karl Sandstrom, The Guardian

As States Target High Drug Prices, Pharma Targets State Lawmakers

| Jay Hancock, The Washington Post

Staff Legal Bulletin No. 141 strikes again! (pdf)

| Paul Hodgson, Investor Relations

Goldman Sachs Trying to Kill Initiative Requiring More Lobbying Disclosure

| David Sirota and Josh Keefe, International Business Times

Point-Counterpoint: SEC Political Disclosure Rule (pdf)

| Bruce Freed and Karl Sandstrom, Compliance Week

Saluting Corporate Political Transparency

| The Editorial Board, ROI-NJ News

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