CPA Letter Challenges Wall Street Journal Attacks on Political Disclosure (pdf)

The Center for Political Accountability responded to recent Wall Street Journal attacks on corporate political disclosure in a letter published in today’s paper. CPA chair John Milton Cooper, Jr. wrote that companies are not being silenced but “are responding to the

Groundbreaking Corporate Political Activity Handbook Sets Out Emerging Best Practices for Political Spending (pdf)

On the eve of the most expensive mid-term election in American history, The Conference Board today released a groundbreaking Handbook on Corporate Political Activity, co-authored by Center for Political Accountability president Bruce F. Freed and counsel Karl Sandstrom with

CPA Unveils Database on Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability


Washington, DC -- The Center for PoliticalAccountability has launched a new corporatepolitical accountability and disclosure database toprovide a valuable tool for the media, investors andthe public and shed greater light on direct andindirect corporate political

High Votes Show Strong Support for Political Disclosure (pdf)

Washington - The Center for PoliticalAccountability applauds an exceptionally strongshow of support for corporate political disclosureand accountability as Goldman Sachs shareholdersvoted on a resolution for the investment bank toreport its trade association payments

Key Milestone Reached as Half of Trend Setting S&P 100 Adopt Political Disclosure (pdf)

Washington -- Two new companies have moved to adoptdisclosure and oversight of their political spending withcorporate dollars. Their action brings to 50, or half, the numberof public companies in the trend-setting S&P 100 that haveembraced the corporate governance

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