Groundbreaking Corporate Political Activity Handbook Sets Out Emerging Best Practices for Political Spending (pdf)

On the eve of the most expensive mid-term election in American history, The Conference Board today released a groundbreaking Handbook on Corporate Political Activity, co-authored by Center for Political Accountability president Bruce F. Freed and counsel Karl Sandstrom with

CPA Unveils Database on Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability


Washington, DC -- The Center for PoliticalAccountability has launched a new corporatepolitical accountability and disclosure database toprovide a valuable tool for the media, investors andthe public and shed greater light on direct andindirect corporate political

High Votes Show Strong Support for Political Disclosure (pdf)

Washington - The Center for PoliticalAccountability applauds an exceptionally strongshow of support for corporate political disclosureand accountability as Goldman Sachs shareholdersvoted on a resolution for the investment bank toreport its trade association payments

Key Milestone Reached as Half of Trend Setting S&P 100 Adopt Political Disclosure (pdf)

Washington -- Two new companies have moved to adoptdisclosure and oversight of their political spending withcorporate dollars. Their action brings to 50, or half, the numberof public companies in the trend-setting S&P 100 that haveembraced the corporate governance

CPA-CII Write to 427 Top Companies, Urge Adoption of Political Disclosure and Accountability in Response to Citizens United (pdf)

Washington, D.C., Feb. 24, 2010 -- The Center for Political Accountability and theCouncil of Institutional Investors, joined by nearly 50 institutional investors andshareholder advocate groups, today launched a letter campaign to persuade companiesin the Standard &

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