A Distinguished Record of Effectiveness

The Center for Political Accountability is the only group successfully reshaping how American corporations engage in political spending in order to influence our election process. Our uniquely collaborative approach achieves significant and measurable results regardless of who controls Congress, the regulatory agencies, or the White House.

As a result of CPA’s leadership and efforts:

  • 292 companies are disclosing some or all of their political spending with corporate money. 
  • More than 150 large companies – including more than half of companies in the influential S&P 100 – have struck political disclosure agreements with CPA and/or its shareholder partners. 
  • Companies have disclosed at least $83 million in previously hidden payments made to six leading politically active trade associations over the past two election cycles.
  • 68 companies are disclosing and/or restricting their dark money payments to trade associations and 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups.
  • You can read the annual CPA-Zicklin Index, the first comprehensive benchmarking of large public companies for disclosure and accountability. The Index shows that disclosure is becoming a mainstream corporate practice.
  • You can learn about best practices for managing and overseeing company political spending in The Conference Board’s Handbook on Corporate Political Activity, which featured CPA as the lead author.
  • You can read the Harvard Business Review's A Board Member's Guide to Corporate Political Spending, which includes a checklist of effective steps and guidelines for directors in reviewing political spending, co-authored by CPA. 
  • Students at New York University’s Stern School of Business are enrolled in the first business school course on corporate political engagement and executive statesmanship.

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