In this edition
  • Conference Board Echoes CPA’s Work in New Report Advising Companies on Managing Political Spending
  • CPA Continues to be Go-To Source for Media on Corporate Political Money
  • OpenInvest Uses CPA-Zicklin Index to Challenge “Dark Money”
  • Eight Company Agreements Reached So Far Matches Number Reached by CPA and Its Partners Last Year
  • At SEC, Serious Attention to ESG and Political Disclosure
  • Founder’s Column: Resisting the Norm: The Wall Street Journal’s Obstinate Opposition to Corporate Political Disclosure
  • Proxy Preview 2021 Highlights Corporate Political Disclosure Push
  • CPA Reaches Out to Wide Audiences
In this edition
  • CPA Continues to Drive Media Coverage of Companies’ Political Spending Response to Capitol Assault, Heightened Risks
  • NEW DEAL: FirstEnergy Corp. Agrees to Disclose its Political Spending
  • Philanthropies Urged to Support Efforts Addressing Corporate Political Spending
  • Stanford Highlights CPA’s Warnings for Companies
  • Guest Column: Here’s What Shareholders Need to Know About Corporate Political Spending 
  • John Coates, Satyam Khanna Take Posts at SEC
  • Senators Request Crackdown on ‘Dark Money’ Organizations
  • CPA Seeking Candidates for Summer 2021 CPA-Zicklin Index - Corporate Political Spending Research Internship
In this edition
  1. As Corporations Freeze Donations, CPA Has Breakout Moment
  2. CPA Teams with Harvard Business Prof. Michael Porter to Offer Solutions in Crisis
  3. Philadelphia Inquirer Spotlights Vanguard, BlackRock as Outliers on Political Disclosure Votes
  4. CPA-Wharton Zicklin Model Code Sent to S&P 500
  5. Guest Column: This May Be the “Morning in America” Moment for Corporate Political Spending
  6. Gary Gensler Brings Tough Regulator Record to SEC
  7. Disclosure in the Spotlight
In this edition
  1. BlackRock, Vanguard Outliers in Opposing CPA Political Disclosure Resolution; Strong Support from Other Leading Institutional Investors, Center Study Finds
  2. CPA Speaks at Major Stanford Confab on Corporations and Democracy
  3. Founder's Column: Support for Corporate Political Disclosure Rule Key Test for New SEC Chair
  4. BlackRock Gives Rhetorical Support to Political Disclosure in New Investment Stewardship Document
  5. TrackYourCompany Database Updated Through 2019; Covers Voluntarily Disclosed Company Trade Association Payments, c4 and 527 Contributions
  6. Meet the CPA Interns Who Made TrackYourCompany Database Possible
In this edition
  1. Post-2020 Election, CPA Hits the Speaking Circuit
  2. Founder's Column: How Companies Can Fend Off the Georgia “Dark Money” Shakedown -- And the Accompanying Risks
  3. UPDATE on the Burgeoning FirstEnergy “Dark Money” Scandal
  4. Harvard Law Blog Features Model Code, CPA-Zicklin Index
  5. Patrick Doherty – A Tribute
  6. CPA in the News 
In this edition
  1. Just Days Before 2020 Election, CPA Risk Warning to Companies Featured in Key Publications
  2. Conflicted Spending on Climate Change Gets Close Scrutiny
  3. CPA-Zicklin Index, Updated Model Code of Conduct
  4. Guest Column: What Did You Do in the Reckoning, Daddy? Corporate social and political engagement in an era of unrest
In this edition
  1. CPA’s New Bombshell Report Breaks Through: Conflicted Consequences Spotlighted by New York Times, Financial Times, Others
  2. Founder’s Column: Why CPA Matters: Two Scholars Reflect
  3. Freed Speaks to Key Group of Global Institutional Investors
  4. Ohio Dark-Money Corruption Case Ensnares Leading Ohio Utility, Highlights Need for Disclosure Law
  5. CPA in the News
  6. Senate Banking Committee Member Challenges SEC Chair’s Use of “Fraudulent Letters” to Justify Rule Change
  7. Meet CPA's Summer Interns
In this edition
  1. CPA’s Banner Proxy Season Sends Strong Message to Companies
  2. In Barron’s Op-Ed, CPA Calls Out Big 3 Investors for Enabling Racial Injustice, Urges Them to Align Proxies and Rhetoric
  3. Founder's Column: Time’s Up for Companies to Heed Shareholders’ Votes, Adopt Disclosure and Accountability
  4. CPA Research Underpins Guardian Article on 2010, 2020 Elections and Gerrymandering
  5. Freed Speaks to GWU School of Political Management Class
  6. CPA on CUNY TV 
  7. In Memoriam
May 2020
In this edition
  1. Interim Report: Vote Surge for CPA Resolution, More Agreements
  2. CPA Opinion Pieces in NY Daily News & Harvard Law School Blog Highlight Urgency of Corporate Political Disclosure as Part of Covid-19 Aid
  3. Guest Column: Time for Directors to Perform Their Responsibilities Seriously and Diligently
  4. Corporate Counsel: Overlapping Directorships Don’t Necessarily Improve Corporate Political Disclosure
  5. CPA Names Ben Becker as First Werner Brandt Research Fellow
  6. CII Warns Proposed SEC Rules Change Threatens Shareholder Rights
  7. New IRS Rule Makes “Dark Money” Darker
April 2020
In this edition
  1. Big Mo: Majority Vote for CPA Resolution at J.B. Hunt; More Political Disclosure Agreements, Company Outreach
  2. Founder's Column: Full Political Disclosure Protects Companies, the COVID-19 Rescue and Our Democracy
  3. New CPA Director Named
  4. Roll Call Highlights CPA Leadership in Fighting SEC-Big Business Association Attack on Shareholder Engagement
  5. Corporate Counsel Highlights New Agreements, CPA Corruption Warning
March 2020
In this edition
  1. NOTE TO READERS: How CPA is Handling the Coronavirus Pandemic
  2. CPA Opens the 2020 Proxy Season Strong
  3. CPA Announces Collaboration with Leadership Now Project; Expands Reach, Impact
  4. Founder's Column: One Nation Under Shakedown?
  5. Getting CPA’s Message Out
  6. CPA’s Leadership, Impact Highlighted at CII Conference
  7. SEC Reject’s NextEra Challenge to Newground/CPA Resolution
  8. Companies Recognize Misalignment with Trade Associations as a Risk 
  9. ESG Shaping Investor Demands, Decisions
  10. CPA Names Research Associate
In this edition
  1. Behind the Chamber’s Attack on the Proxy Process, Fear of Disclosure – and CPA
  2. CPA Filing 2020 Resolutions at Fast Pace
  3. Big 3 Silent on CPA’s offer
  4. More Than 14,000 Have Responded to SEC Proposed Rules Change
  5. CPA in the News
  6. ICCR Proxy Season Preview
  7. Report Examines Role of Proxy Advisors
In this edition
  1. CPA to SEC: Don’t Undermine Corporate Democracy and Investor First Amendment Rights
  2. Inquirer Tracks Vanguard with a Hand from CPA
  3. ‘Open Secrets’ Spotlights CPA Data
  4. CPA Offers Help to the Big 3
  5. SEC Commissioner Jackson To Step Down in Mid-February, Leaves Legacy of Dissenter, Shaper
  6. CPA in the News
  7. Disney Cites Index Trendsetter Status
In this edition
  1. Founders Column: The Year Ahead for CPA
  2. Mutual Fund Support Grows for CPA Resolution Despite Continued Opposition by BlackRock, Vanguard and Fidelity
  3. Conference Board: ‘Tipping Point’ on Disclosure?
  4. Harvard Business School Report Uses CPA Data
  5. Broad Coverage of SEC Commissioner Jackson’s Letter on Corporate Political Disclosure
  6. Jackson’s Likely Successor on SEC
  7. Fully Updated
  8. Thank You to CPA’s Fall 2019 Interns
In this edition
  1. CPA’s Financial Times Op-ed Takes Lead in Calling Out SEC Attack on Corporate Democracy
  2. Newark Star-Ledger Editorial, Numerous Companies Cite Index as Wide Coverage Continues
  3. Leading Business Group Hails CPA-Zicklin Index as Good Governance Measure
  4. SEC Commissioner Rob Jackson Castigates BlackRock, Vanguard, Fidelity for Opposing Corporate Political Disclosure
  5. Call for Action: Tell the SEC to Stop Its Assault on Shareholder Engagement
  6. CPA in the News
  7. Freed Meets Business Leaders
  8. Data Update Imminent
In this edition
  1. ALERT: SEC Proxy Rules Changes Threaten Shareholder Engagement
  2. 2019 CPA-Zicklin Index in Brief
  3. Strong Coverage Greets 2019 CPA-Zicklin Index
  4. Wharton-CPA Conference Brings Together Broad Group to Update Company Conduct Code for Political Spending
  5. Delaware Chief Justice Leo Strine: Strong Voice for Corporate Political Disclosure and Institutional Investor Accountability
  6. Political Spending Code of Conduct Essential for Protecting Companies in Today’s High Risk Environment
  7. GW Poll Shows Deep Public Concern about Corporate Political Spending and Influence
In this edition
  1. Breaching Congress-Imposed Gag Rule, SEC Commissioner Jackson Urges Adoption of Corporate Political Disclosure Mandate
  2. CPA Urges BRT to Include Political Transparency in New Statement on Corporate Purpose
  3. Wharton-CPA to Hold Conference on Updated Model Code of Conduct
  4. CPA Warns Public Funds Trustees of Heightened Risks to Companies from Political Spending
  5. CPA in the News
In this edition
  1. CPA Data Ties Public Companies’ Trade Association & 527 Committee Contributions to Controversial Anti-Abortion Legislation
  2. New Info-Graphics Highlight CPA’s Banner Proxy Season
  3. Harvard Law School Blog Carries CPA Proxy Season Recap
  4. Guest Column: America’s Corporate Political Spending Challenge: An Historical Perspective
  5. Meet CPA's Summer Interns
  6. Wanted: Fall Interns
  7. News Notes: House Financial Services Panel Debates ESG Disclosure
  8. News Notes: Surge in Money to ESG Funds
  9. Breaking News: Responsible Investor Digs into Difference between Lobbying and Election spending
In this edition
  1. Banner Proxy Season for Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability with Strong Shareholder, Company Support
  2. Leading Money Manager Features CPA-Zicklin Index to Investment, Business Community
  3. Founder's Column: Year After ‘Collision Course’ Report, Pile-Ups Abound
  4. Inside CPA
  5. CPA in the News
  6. Dark Money Disclosure
In this edition
  1. Shareholder Season Update: CPA Resolution Support Surge Sends Strong Message to Companies
  2. WSJ Spotlights CPA's Decisive Impact
  3. Guest Column: It Could Happen To You
  4. Corporate Counsel on CPA-Zicklin Index Shaping Company Policies
  5. CPA in the News
  6. Agenda Webcast: CPA Featured with Altria Assistant General Counsel
  7. U.S. Chamber Encounters Rough Waters, WSJ Reports
  8. 2019 CPA-Zicklin Index Data Collection to Commence Next Week
In this edition
  1. News Outlets Rely Heavily on CPA’s TrackYourCompany Data
  2. Strong Votes for Political Disclosure, More Agreements As 2019 AGM Season Opens
  3. Infographic Highlights Corporate Political Spending’s Prominence as ESG Issue
  4. FairPlanet: CPA on Why Corporate Political Spending Needs to be Addressed
  5. CPA Featured in S&P Global Webcast
  6. SEC Greenlights CPA Model Resolution at Exxon
  7. Growing Signs of Changing Company Attitudes
  8. In a First, CPA Interns Map Money to, and Spending by, Six Leading 527s
In this Edition
  1. Surge of Political Disclosure Agreements Opens 2019 Proxy Season
  2. Guest Column: Why the CPA-Zicklin Index is useful to investors
  3. 4th Corporate Political Accountability Roundtable Highlights Disclosure Acceptance, Index Impact
  4. Disclosure Resolution Gains Attention
  5. Conference Board-CPA Webcast Reaches Corporate Directors
  6. CPA in New York Times, Dallas Morning News
  7. Transparency for Private Companies, Too?
  8. CPA in the Classroom
In this edition
  1. Continuing 2019 Momentum, Hilton Agrees to Political Disclosure
  2. Highly Anticipated Roundtable Begins Today in NYC
  3. Founder’s Column: Working Behind the Scenes
  4. CPA In the News
  5. Flurry of Disclosure Legislation in Congress
In this edition
  1. Founder's Column: BlackRock Has Opened the Door to Progress. But Will it Take the Next Step?
  2. GE Agreement to Strengthen Political Disclosure Opens 2019 Proxy Season
  3. CPA Adds Two New Board Members
  4. Update
  5. Michigan PSC Moves Against Utility Political Spending
  6. Harvard Law School Blog Features CPA’s Mutual Fund Study
  7. CPA In the News
In this edition
  1. What We Learned in 2018: Corporate Political Disclosure Solidified, Warning of Heightened Risk Resonates
  2. Philadelphia Inquirer Calls Out Big 3 Institutional Investors’ Records on Corporate Political Disclosure
  3. Corporate Political Disclosure Addressed at Responsible Investor Conference
  4. CPA In the News
  5. Update Imminent
In this edition
  1. Election Fallout Gets CPA’s ‘Collision Course’ Report National Attention
  2. Mutual Fund Support Spikes for Corporate Political Disclosure
  3. Del. Chief Justice Strine Calls Out Big 4 Institutional Investors on Corporate Political Disclosure Proxy Votes
  4. CPA In the News
  5. Index Makes Inroads
  6. Fourth Corporate Political Accountability Roundtable: Feb. 28-Mar. 1
In this edition
  1. 2018 CPA-Zicklin Index: Corporate Political Disclosure, Accountability Hold Steady Despite Political Attacks
  2. National Media, Led by Wall Street Journal, Interpret and Spotlight 2018 Index
  3. From Regional News Media, Individual Companies Get Shout-Outs or Slights
  4. Blogs and Trade Publications Deliver Index Ratings to Key Professional and Academic Audiences
  5. In A First, CPA-Zicklin Index Used to Create New Investment Vehicle
  6. Business’ Role in Mid-Term Elections Examined at Baruch College Program
  7. Study: Political Disclosure Influences Investment Decisions
In this edition
  1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 2018 CPA-Zicklin Index To Be Released October 2
  2. CPA on CNBC: Corporate Political Contributions can be ‘Ticking Time Bombs'
  3. AGs and ACA Challenge: Companies Beware When Political Spending Conflicts with Core Values, Positions
  4. Buying Justice? State Farm Settlement Highlights Issue
  5. Dark Money Court Ruling: Symbolic Victory for Transparency, Practical Impact Murky
  6. Wall Street Journal Covers CPA Resolution at Nike
  7. Academic Study Uses CPA -Zicklin Index, Finds Positive Impact of Corporate Political Disclosure
  8. New Dark Money Report Draws on CPA Database
In this edition
  1. Collision Course Report Reaches Key Audiences, Featured in Major Paper Op-Ed, Influential Blogs
  2. New York Times Article Quotes CPA, Uses Its Database
  3. Guest Column: Why I’m Committed to Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability
  4. Dan Carroll Joins CPA as Director of Programs
  5. CPA's Hard-Working Interns
  6. Dark Money Surges in Supreme Court Nomination Battle
  7. Dark Money Just Got Darker, Thanks to New IRS Rule
  8. Dentons: For Transparency Before It Advises for Secrecy
  9. New York Times DealBook: Faux ‘Main Street Investors Coalition’ Exposed
In this edition
  1. CPA's Collision Course Report Unveiled to Key Corporate Group
  2. Pension and Investment Headline Says It All: "Corporate political disclosure moves firmly into mainstream"
  3. 2018 Shareholder Season Results: Surge in Support for CPA Model Resolution
  4. Montana Governor Issues Corporate Political Spending Transparency Order
  5. Newspaper Uses AT&T Scandal to Highlight Shareholder Demands for Political Transparency and Accountability
In this edition
  1. New Environment Requires Companies Follow New Rules for Political Spending
  2. CPA Lays Out In The Hill How Robust Political Transparency and Accountability Can Protect Companies from AT&T-Novartis-Michael Cohen Type Scandal
  3. Wall Street Journal Quotes CPA’s Karl Sandstrom on AT&T’s Michael Cohen Payments
  4. Shareholder Season Update
  5. Companies Using CPA-Zicklin Index to Defend Their Reputations
  6. 2018 CPA-Zicklin Index
  7. CPA in the News
In this edition
  1. CPA Lays Out Impact of Private Ordering at First Meeting of The Conference Board’s Corporate Political Spending Committee
  2. Mulvaney’s Bluntness Makes Corporate Caution Even More Critical
  3. CPA Warns Companies to Protect Themselves from Impending Political Money Grabs
  4. Congressional Obstruction of Political Spending Disclosure Rule Won’t Delay the Inevitable, Says CPA's Freed
  5. BSR: Risks of Misalignment between Corporate Messaging and Political Activity Are Gaining Attention
  6. Shareholder Season 2018: An Update
  7. CPA Welcomes Two New Board Members
  8. Arizona Becomes First State to Override Voter Demands for Dark Money Disclosure
  9. Texas Companies Facing Major Pressure to Adopt Transparency and Accountability
In this edition
  1. Acting Now Can Protect Companies from Political Money Grab
  2. CPA Featured on Investor Relations' Ticker Podcast
  3. 2018 Proxy Preview Highlights Political Disclosure Initiatives
  4. Wall Street Journal Highlights CPA in SEC Rider Coverage
  5. CPA Engages with Socially Responsible Investors
In this edition
  1. Loud Voice from CPA in NY Times, Guardian & Harvard Law School Blog: BlackRock Must Support Political Disclosure
  2. Founder’s Column: In Today’s Climate, Companies Need to Ensure Their Political Spending and Values Align
  3. Strong Opening to 2018 Shareholder Season
  4. ‘Unrig the System’ Summit Features CPA’s Impact
  5. TrackYourCompany Data Used to Expose Pharma Influence on State Lawmakers
  6. In the News
  7. Dark Money Update
In this edition
  1. To BlackRock: Political Disclosure Belongs in Message to Companies
  2. CPA Helps Shape Money in Politics Coverage
  3. Robert Jackson Joins SEC
  4. CPA Weighs in on Company Opposition to Lobbying Disclosure Proposals
  5. CPA Joins Conference Board Panel
  6. New Ernst & Young Report Examines Risks Posed to Companies by Third Parties
  7. Wall Street Journal Spotlights Loophole in Campaign Money Restrictions
In this edition
  1. CPA Makes the Case for the SEC Political Disclosure Rule in Compliance Week
  2. Knowledge@Wharton Cites CPA-Zicklin Index as Critical Aid for Shareholders
  3. Secret Money Flows into Judicial Elections
  4. Guest Column: The Culture of Transparency at Noble Energy By Ben Dillon, Vice President of Global Communications and Government Relations, Noble Energy
  5. CPA Offers Guidance for Companies on Transparency and Accountability
In this edition
  1. BREAKING NEWS -- Just Live With 2016 Spending Data
  2. ‘Thank Goodness’ for CPA-Zicklin Index: High Praise in New Jersey Editorial
  3. Founder’s Column by Bruce Freed, Company Alert: Your Political Spending May Provoke Adverse Consumer Reaction
  4. 2017 Mutual Fund Analysis Finds Boost in Support for CPA Model Resolution
  5. CPA Showcased in Washington
  6. Disclosure in the News: A Push for Sunlight in Ohio
  7. News Briefs
In this edition
  1. Guest Column: Those Concerned About Money in Politics Should Look Beyond the Law
  2. CPA Lays Groundwork for 2018 Proxy Season
  3. 2017 CPA-Zicklin Index Covered From Coast to Coast
  4. National Law Firm Addresses Corporate Political Spending And Board Members’ Role
  5. CPA In The News
  6. Hearing on SEC Nominees
  7. Political Disclosure In The News
In this edition
  1. 2017 CPA-Zicklin Index Shows Sustained Company Embrace of Political Disclosure and Accountability
  2. Wharton Roundtable: Broad Company Acceptance of Index
  3. Political Spending’s ‘Unintended Consequences’ Examined
  4. Prof. Robert Jackson, Leading Advocate for Corporate Political Disclosure, Nominated to SEC
  5. New Book Gives Big Shout-Out To CPA
  6. CPA in Other News
  7. Disclosure in the News
In this edition
  1. Founder's Column: An Academic Shout-Out for CPA and 'Private Ordering'
  2. CPA Responds to Manhattan Institute Attack in Wall Street Journal
  3. September Roundtable: Taking Stock of the CPA-Zicklin Index
  4. Washington Post: U.S. Chamber 'Losing its Grip'?
  5. Gains in Voluntary Corporate Political Disclosure Highlighted in International Business Times
In this edition
  1. High Traffic to New CPA Database
  2. House Passes Legislation To Curb Shareholder Rights
  3. Guest Column: The Latest - But Not Only - Threat to Investors' Rights
  4. Georgia, Virginia Races Push Political Spending into Stratosphere
  5. CPA in the News
  6. CPA on the Road at Neuberger Berman
  7. 2017 Proxy Season Update
May 2017 Newsletter
In this edition
  1. Wall Street Journal Blog Features CPA's TrackYourMoney Database
  2. CPA Op-Ed Introduces New Database to Washington 'Insider' Audience
  3. Founder's Column: More Reasons for Political Disclosure? Just Think About the Latest News
  4. American Prospect Joins Media Spotlighting CPA's Positive Impact
  5. Bross, Formerly of Microsoft, Joins CPA Board of Directors
  6. Australian Group Shines Light on Corporate Political Spending
  7. 2017 Proxy Season Update
In this edition
  1. Proxy Season Heats Up: Disclosure Agreements Reached, Vanguard Open to Voting for Political Disclosure Resolutions
  2. CPA Launches Check It Out Today!
  3. Energy Company Video Features Index Rating, CPA
  4. A Key to Company Success in the CPA-Zicklin Index? Contacting Us.
  5. CPA Returns to The Conference Board
  6. Money in Politics News
  7. CPA Promotes Two
In this edition
  1. MarketWatch Suggests Correlation between High Company CPA-Zicklin Index Score & Strong Market Performance
  2. Founder's Column: Debate in States Underscores Need for Universal, Uniform Disclosure
  3. Huff Post Highlights Conflicts in Company Political Spending Affecting Planned Parenthood Debate
  4. Disclosure Briefs
  5. Trump Watch 2017
  6. Inside CPA
In this edition
  1. Founder's Column: Needed for Companies: Stabilizers That Can Help in Rough Seas Ahead
  2. Third Corporate Political Accountability Roundtable Breaks New Ground
  3. New Video Tells CPA’s Story
  4. 2017 Proxy Season Update: Big Jump in Emerson Electric Vote
  5. CPA Op-Ed in The Hill on Political Transparency and Crony Capitalism
  6. Center for Public Integrity on Business Roundtable Shift
  7. Susan Liss Joins CPA Board
  8. Corporate Political Spending News
  9. CPA In the News
In this edition:
  1. Founder's Column: Political Transparency, Accountability Help Protect Companies from Trump Tweets, Pressure
  2. Reuters Features CPA Commentary on Crony Capitalism and How Political Transparency Can Protect Companies
  3. New Political Disclosure Agreement: Pinnacle West
  4. Breaking News
  5. CPA in the News
In this edition:
  1. 2016: A Year of CPA Accomplishments
  2. 2017 Proxy Season Off To Strong Start for CPA -- Political Disclosure Agreements with NiSource, AIG
  3. Third Corporate Political Accountability Roundtable to be Held in Early February at NYU's Stern School
  4. Newark Star-Ledger: When Political Spending Doesn't Always Align with Company Values
  5. Kellogg, Pepsi, Macy's Travails: Warning Signs for Companies of Risks Political Spending Could Pose
  6. CPA in the News
In this edition:
  1. Election Upheaval Closes Some Reform Doors, Yet One Remains Open
  2. Record $18 Million Penalty in Concealed-Donors Case, Other “Dark Money” Problems
  3. New Milestone in Mutual Fund Support for CPA Model Resolution
  4. Corporate Political Spending on Conference Board Governance Center Agenda
  5. CPA in the News
In this edition:
  1. CPA Sits Down with Huffington Post for Wide-Ranging Interview
  2. Inaugural Guest Column: Disclosures Essential to Addressing the Problems of Corporate Political Spending
  3. Transparency Advocate Robert Jackson Profiled in Moyers & Co. Article
  4. 2016 CPA-Zicklin Index Continues To Make News
  5. News Briefs
  6. CPA Speaks at Conference Board Event
In this edition:
  2. CPA Featured in The Hill and Harvard Law Blog on Due Diligence and Company Political Spending
  3. “Dark Money” in the News
  4. Founder’s Column by Bruce Freed Taking Stock: Real Progress in Achieving Corporate Political Disclosure and Accountability
In this edition:
  1. At Close of Proxy Season Wall Street Journal Trumpets CPA’s Success
  2. Founder's Column: Welcome Guidance for Companies in Navigating Political Spending Risks
  3. Lindblom and Pearl Join CPA Board of Directors
  4. ‘Dark Money’ Soars; FEC Chair Ravel Cites Disclosure Models
In this edition:
  1. Founder's Column: CPA Receives Big Backhanded Compliment in New Book
  2. RAND Center Publishes Report on CPA Co-Sponsored Compliance Roundtable
  3. Philly Inquirer Spotlights CPA-Zicklin Index, Wharton Collaboration
  4. 2016 Proxy Season Results Coming Next Month
  5. Dark Money and Disclosure in the News
  6. CPA Briefs
  7. Corporate Political Spending News
In this edition:
  1. CPA Resolution Gets Majority Votes at 2 Companies, Underscores Strong Support for Transparency
  2. Washington Post Editorial, CQ Researcher Feature CPA Successes
  3. Corporate Political Spending in Judicial Races Presents Serious Challenges
  4. Inside CPA
  5. Campaign Finance Briefs
  6. Disclosure in the News
In this edition:
  1. Founder’s Column: When Corporate Political Cash Reaps Unintended Consequences
  2. US News Op-ed: Corporations Are Biggest Source of Political Money
  3. Center Begins Work on 2016 CPA-Zicklin Index, Writes to S&P 500 Companies
  4. CPA in the News: Wall Street Journal Highlights Proxy Season Push for Disclosure; Australian Version of Index
  5. Conference Board Spotlights Director Oversight Article
March 2016 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. 2016 Proxy Season: Another Strong Start for CPA Effort
  2. Founder’s Column: With Spending Turning to Congressional Races, Disclosure of Trade Association and c4 Donors Even More Important
  3. CPA in the News: Wall Street Journal Features CPA Compliance Initiative
  4. News About the CPA-Zicklin Index Going Global; ‘Dark Money’
  5. CPA Outreach: Return Engagement at Stern School; Media Call with Watchdog Groups
February 2016 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. CPA Opens Groundbreaking New Front on Political Disclosure Compliance 
  2. Founder's Column: It's time for Companies to "Walk the Walk" 
  3. Big Law Firms Rely on CPA-Zicklin Index 
  4. Campaign Finance, Corporate Money: A Heated Election Season Issue 
  5. Disclosure (or, NonDisclosure) in the News
In this edition:
  1. U.S. Chamber’s Opposition to Disclosure and Attacks on CPA Exposed 
  2. CPA Participates in Brookings Campaign Finance Summit 
  3. USA Today, Albany Law Journal Highlight CPA Success at Advocacy, Innovative Leadership 
  4. Key Local Papers Using CPA-Zicklin Index to Cover Corporate Money in Politics 
  5. News Briefs: USA Today Editorial; WI Dark Money; Petitions to Vanguard, New York Times Analysis
December 2015 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. Founder's Column: CPA Disclosure Effort Even More Important with Hill Rider
  2. Conference Board Report Strongly Endorses Disclosure and Accountability
  3. CPA Director Oversight Article Gets Wide Attention
  4. More Law Firms Tout Corporate Political Disclosure
  5. Report: Mutual Fund Support Steady for CPA Resolution
  6. Disclosure in the News: Surveys Show Public Favoring Political Spending Sunlight
In this edition:
  1. CPA Featured in Harvard Business Review
  2. Huff Post Carries CPA Director Kolb's Op-Ed
  3. Founders Column: We Couldn't Say it Better: 'Let the Sun Shine, Conservatives'
  4. Disclosure in the News
  5. News Briefs
In this edition:
  1. Founder's Column: Using Index Scores for Window Dressing: It's a Cynical and Harmful Approach
  2. On Eve of Election Year, 2015 CPA-Zicklin Index Captures Media Attention
  3. US Chamber, BRT, NAM Again Blast CPA and Index
  4. BREAKING NEWS: NY State Comptroller Sues Oracle to Force Political Disclosure
  5. Disclosure In the News, and Online
  6. Kolb Assumes Treasurer Role
In this edition:
  1. Founder's Column: Experts Give Votes of Confidence For Corporate Political Disclosure Effort
  2. SEC Rulemaking Petition Now Part of 2016 Campaign
  3. New CPA Website, One-Stop Database Launched; Largest-Ever CPA-Zicklin Index Coming Soon
  4. Huge Majority Wants Citizens United Overturned
In this edition:
  1. Record Support in 2015 Proxy Season for CPA Political Disclosure Resolution
  2. Dark Money Nonprofit Groups Loom Larger in 2016 Election
  3. Founder's Column: Risks, Good Governance Require Companies to Know What Their Trade Associations are Doing
  4. Dark Money and Disclosure News
In this edition:
  1. New York Times Spotlights CPA Success in Advancing Corporate Political Disclosure
  2. Political Disclosure Protects Companies from Growing Pressure
  3. SF Chronicle: Tech Companies Get Coverage Over Lack of Political Transparency
  4. St. Louis Post-Dispatch Column: 'Slow-Motion Shareholder Revolt' Will Bring Spending Out of Shadows
  5. News Briefs
In this edition:
  1. Foundations, Former SEC Chairs Endorse Political Disclosure Rule... NPR Highlights Foundation Laid by CPA
  2. CPA Op-Ed in Roll Call: 'Time to Put the Political Spending Horse Before the Lobbying Cart'
  3. Super PAC Proliferation Raises Political Spending Ante, Risks for Companies
  4. Corporate Secretary on Directors' Handling of Reputational Risk 
  5. Supreme Court Upholds Solicitation Ban for Judicial Candidates 
In this edition:
  1. 2015 CPA-Zicklin Index Expands to Entire S&P 500, Companies Receive Index Timetable
  2. Dark Money Flood in State Judicial Races Adds to Company Risks
  3. Huff Post Details Chamber Anti- Disclosure Fight, Targeting of CPA 
In this edition:
  1. U.S. Steel Agreement Highlights Political Disclosure Surge in New Proxy Season
  2. CPA, Wharton's Zicklin Center Unveil First Online Library on Corporate Political Engagement
  3. Warning to Companies: Regain Control of Your Political Spending 
In this edition:
  1. 3 Business Leaders Speak About Transparency's Importance at CPA Co-Sponsored  Roundtable
  2. Update: Political Disclosure Nears 140 Companies
  3. A Scholar of Money and Politics Is New CPA Associate Director
  4. ICYMI: Fiscal Times Invites, Publishes CPA Analysis on Dark Money
  5. N.Y. Times Publishes Letter About Transparency By CPA
  6. Zephyr Teachout Addresses Corruption in America
  7. 'Executive Statesmanship' Class Unveiled at NYU's Stern Business School
In this edition:
  1. Washington Post Op-Ed: U.S. Companies Shine Sunlight on 'Dark Money'
  2. Second Roundtable Unveils New Business School Course on Corporate Political Engagement
  3. Roll Call Highlights CPA Successes
  4. As 2015 Proxy Season Opens, Political Disclosure Tops 130 Companies
  5. USA Today Column: Attacks Show U.S. Chamber, Allies Losing Secret Political Spending Fights
  6. Leading Law Firm Urges Companies to Treat CPA-Zicklin Index Seriously
In this edition:
  1. Sharp U.S. Chamber of Commerce Attack on CPA, Corporate Political Disclosure Closes out 2014.
  2. Proxy Season Update
  3. A 'Major Chilling Effect' on U.S. Shareholders
In this edition:
  1. At Least $57 Million in Company Trade Association Payments Disclosed, Companies Adopting C4 Policies
  2. On AlJazeera America, Support for Political Disclosure in Tech Industry\
  3. Study Finds Mutual Funds' Support for Corporate Political Disclosure Greater Than Previously Reported.
In this edition:
  1. CPA Gets Brickbats, Bouquets in Continuing Media, Online Coverage
  2. Attacks Underscore Emptiness of Disclosure Opposition
  3. Heightened Media Scrutiny of "Dark Money" Surge
September 2014 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters Highlight 2014 Index
  2. Will Dark Money Spending Break All Records in 2014?
  3. New Financial Analysts' Survey Strongly Favors Political Disclosure.
July-August 2014 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. Graduate Students Meet with CPA About How its "Outside Strategy" Is Achieving Change
  2. Corporations Hold Key to Political Disclosure CPA says in US News Op-Ed
  3. Companies Increasingly Find Disclosure "Positive Experience," Rebuilds Trust
  4. In Memoriam: Werner W. Brandt
  5. 2014 CPA-Zicklin Index Due out in September
June 2014 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. Wisconsin "Dark Money" Scandal Holds Warnings, Lessons for Companies
  2. Further Attacks on CPA
  3. Corporate Secretaries Meeting: Political Disclosure is a Front Burner Issue
  4. CPA in the Financial Times
  5. Proxy Season Update
May 2014 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. Shareholder Support for Political Disclosure Sustained Contrary to View in WSJ Editorial
  2. New Republic: Mary Jo White Has Whiffed on Regulating U.S. Corporations
  3. Throwing Gasoline on the Fire of Political 'Dark Money' Spending
  4. Will More Corporate Money Flow into Judicial Races in 2014?
  5. CPA Speaks
  6. Research for 2014 CPA-Zicklin Index Underway
April 2014 Newsletter
In this edition:
  1. Communications Giant Comcast to Disclose Political Spending
  2. CPA-Zicklin Index to Expand in 2014
  3. Federal Election Commission Profoundly Divided Over Disclosure
  4. Why the Critics are Wrong
In this edition:
  1. Hess, 2 Other Companies Adopt Political Disclosure
  2. Thank You Manhattan Institute for Promoting Corporate Political Transparency
  3. SEC Commissioner Calls for Restricting Proxy Resolutions
  4. CPA Calendar
  5. CPA in the News
  6. Corporate Political Accountability Course Planned for Spring 2015

1.       FOUNDER’S COLUMN: When Corporate Political Cash Reaps Unintended Consequences

2.       US News Op-ed: Corporations Are Biggest Source of Political Money

3.       Center Begins Work on 2016 CPA-Zicklin Index, Writes to S&P 500 Companies

4.       CPA IN THE NEWS: Wall Street Journal Highlights Proxy Season Push for Disclosure; Australian Version of Index

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