Financial Times: US companies agree to lift veil on political donations

| Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Financial Times

VIDEO: Bruce Freed on Board's Role in Overseeing Corporate Spending

| video courtesy of Boardroom Resources

Agenda: BlackRock Reveals View on Political Activity Proposals

| Tony Chapelle, Agenda (a Financial Times Service)

Boston Globe: GE is shedding more light on its political donations

| Jon Chesto, the Boston Globe

Agenda: GE Opens Its Books on Political Spending

| Tony Chapelle, Agenda (a Financial Times Service)

Dow Jones Newswires: GE Will Publish More Political-Spending Details

| Theo Francis, Dow Jones Newswires

Bloomberg: House Dems Seek SEC Rule on Political Giving Disclosure

| Lydia Beyoud & Andrea Vittorio, Bloomberg Law

Boards Tighten Grip on Political Spending

| Lindsay Frost, Agenda (a Financial Times Service)

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